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Executive Briefing SMI 2012 - An IM Roadmap

Date: 30/1/2012

Venture consultants are to host an Executive Briefing on the 8th February 2012. This half-day event is part of the SMI E&P Information and Data Management Conference to be held in London, commencing on the 6th February.

Attendees will gain a comprehensive understanding of the issues and challenges in data management today, and the concepts, ideas and practical approaches needed to deal with them.

This will give attendees an insight into the areas that need focus in their companies, in order to plot the course, and make the case, for long term improvement in information management.

Workshop Overview:

E&P companies have been grappling with data management in the digital age for several decades. Some things have improved enormously in that time - enhanced data management technologies, better connectivity, better awareness of the value of managing the data asset - but in many ways the level of maturity of the business has advanced little. An information management strategy or roadmap can help break the cycle of short-term, reactive data management, and establish a path to sustained longer term improvement in IM across the business.

This workshop will give a practical guide to identifying the strengths and weakness of your companies data management environment, and in developing a practical IM roadmap for long term IM improvement. Through a combination of presentation of Venture experience and peer group discussion, the issues, approaches, tools and keys to success will be explored and shared.

Topics that will be covered include:


  • Understanding the issues and their impact 
  • Models and tools - Understanding where a company is at present, measuring value and impact, defining a companies IM goal 
  • Frameworks - what should the roadmap cover? 
  • Roadmap development - Building and sustaining a robust environment, what to avoid, best practice 
  • Business buy-in and engagement


Further information including booking details, can be found at the SMI website.

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Venture has an extensive history of successful delivery of information management solutions to Nexen.