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Hess Well Data Contract Award

Date: 23/12/2010

Hess has awarded Venture a contract to quality improve its data for approximately 20,000 West African wells.

Venture will use its in-house tool kit, V-KIT, coupled with the technical expertise of its consultants to quality assure the correctness, completeness and consistency of data prior to transfer into a master GeoFrame project.

The data includes some 20,000 well headers, 3,000 logs and 17,000 picks emanating from a variety of sources including Petrel, GeoFrame, Paradigm, shared drives and hardcopy.

Venture will use a number of its V-KIT tools to expedite the project. These include V-WDAT which uses a configurable set of rules to measure the integrity of data across different data sources; V-LASI which searches for Las files on shared drives and through a ‘finger printing' algorithm enables both duplicate curves and curves that have been loaded incorrectly to a well to be identified


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