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Production Data Challenge

Date: 13/5/2010

Consultants from across Venture's practices formed a team to apply a wide range of skills and experience to collate and cleanse historical production data for a complex field with changing operator responsibilities. Historically, the management of information had not been a priority, and records were poorly organised.

With the operator's technical experts we produced a data model covering well and production facilities, well production, injection and facilities status and history, zonal allocation, etc.

Our technical experts developed a bespoke database and reporting system that enables sophisticated data cleansing to increase confidence in both the commercial and technical history of the field.

A large archive was assessed, prioritised, quality-checked (using our in-house V-DAT services) and captured to prepare the system for active use.

It is anticipated that, in time, the cleansed data will be managed through a standard, commercial production data system, though these do not offer the specific functionality required at this stage.


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Venture has an extensive history of successful delivery of information management solutions to Nexen.