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Remote E&P Data Management and Application Support Service

Date: 30/1/2012

Our Remote Data Management and Application Support Service continues to expand, delivering day-to-day help and support to a number of international E&P companies, operating in countries across the globe.

Our service team is based in Ventures offices near Heathrow, and as required, makes on-site visits to clients.

The service encompasses all areas of sub-surface data management and application support, and includes a wide range of applications spanning geology, geophysics, well engineering, reservoir engineering, production and petrophysics.

For each client, the service team manages on-going service processes such as database administration, data loading, archive management, licence management, software upgrades etc. as well as the resolution of day-to-day issues working with individual users or client business teams.

In addition, the team also advises each client on data management process improvement, application and data management workflows, technical innovations etc.

The service has benefited our clients by:

  • Enhancing the quality of, and ease of access to their data assets by leveraging Venture's extensive E&P data management and technical applications knowledge and experience
  • Delivering a flexible and scalable solution to the management of in-country operations
  • Removing both management time and cost overhead in the recruitment and management of data management and application support staff
  • Removing cost overhead in the provision of office space.

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