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SharePoint Survey Business Value & Challenges

Date: 20/3/2012

Venture invites participation in a survey to better understand:

  1. The Business Value SharePoint provides to different business functions
  2. The Functionality that is provided by SharePoint and its associated business value
  3. The Deployment Model used to implement SharePoint and the problems organisations face.

The survey is applicable to E&P companies operating in the UK. Responses will be treated as strictly confidential; survey data will not be divulged to other respondents.

Personalised analysis will be published to all organisations that contribute; contributors will receive their companies data benchmarked against the averaged responses from the other surveyed companies.

To participate

Please email or call David on 07774 497894.


The most recent research of the European market showed that 58% of organisations have now implemented SharePoint (AIIM, 2011). What is less clear however, is what business areas it is being used in and how critical it is to these areas.

Many companies report that their SharePoint systems have not realised their full potential mainly because of the lack of implementation experience. A number have taken the approach that it is just another technology platform and handed over the responsibility to the user community to configure and use.

SharePoint has many collaborative features and organisations have employed it in many different ways; some use it purely as a document management and intranet system, while others use it as a collaborative environment using team sites. There are also differences in the methods used to implement the solution. The survey considers the various combinations of methods adopted.

Venture has implemented many Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems, including SharePoint. The aim of this survey is to bring some clarity to the real world situation. 

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