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V-KIT in R5000 Upgrade Action

Date: 24/3/2010

Venture consultants are continuing to deliver extra value to clients through the application of our in-house tool kit, V-KIT. A case in point is clients upgrading to Landmark's latest software - R5000 and looking to take advantage of the new architecture and data management tools to gain efficiencies in managing data within Landmark.

Venture have used V-KIT to complement Landmarks pre-R5000 tool set to build a picture of data volumes and quality across different data sources. This has proved vital in communicating the scale of the problem to the business and to define the scope and cost of improvement activities to bring data to the standard required by the business.

In addition, the tools are used during any clean-up process to identify any data that fails the V-KIT quality rules. A standard set of data quality rules is available with the ability to add and change rules as required. By comparing data across different sources and applying data quality rules, a "gold" master dataset can be created more efficiently than using more traditional and manual methods.


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Venture has an extensive history of successful delivery of information management solutions to Nexen.