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Venture Enhances Data Quality Tool Kit

Date: 8/8/2011

Venture has added significant new capability to V-KIT, our suite of in-house applications and tools.

V-KIT has been developed to enable Venture consultants to help clients quantify the quality of their data across the information landscape, covering both unstructured data held in folder and EDMS systems as well as structured data held in databases. These tools support data and information improvement activities for:

  • Analysing document folder structures and files, migrating files and documents, and scanning specific file types (V-FILES)
  • Analysing the quality of structured data across different database systems (V-DAT)


File Scanning, Analysis and Migration. V-FILES

The V-FILES application suite has been much enhanced to enable effective analysis of files held in folder structures and in electronic document management systems (Livelink, Documentum, SharePoint etc.). This analysis enables files to be checked and re-organised prior to migration to a new folder structure or EDMS. The tool allows for migration between any combination of, and concurrent analysis across multiple EDM systems and the design of new destination taxonomies.

File Discovery and organisation - scan files and folders in the following EDMS systems:

  • Livelink
  • SharePoint
  • Windows File Shares
  • Documentum
  • Custom scanners for office file content, Word, Excel and PowerPoint as well as specific file format scanners e.g. LAS files.

Content Analysis for any EDMS System

  • Taxonomy, file and folder reports, including security and meta data
  • Duplication analysis reports and summary information.
  • Custom reports, e.g.: specific file types, problem files, invalid characters and paths.

File Migration - Migrate content between any of the following EDMS systems:

  • Livelink
  • SharePoint
  • Windows File Shares
  • Documentum

Search - search office file contents:

  • Word content and file name searches
  • Search reports enabling data based on specific criteria to be found, for example:
  • All data relating to a particular field or block   
  • Content of PowerPoint slides analysed to uncover previous business conclusions in for example licensing and acquisition activities.

LAS Files - read LAS header and curve information:

  • LAS Header reports
  • Curve analysis, including duplicate curve discovery


Structured Data. V-DAT

V-DAT is a powerful tool engineered to use a modified PPDM model to store data for analysis. The data is extracted from various data sources, mapped to the PPDM model and presented via a number of views. This enables well data for example, to be loaded to the database and checked against more than 200 rules to measure the integrity of the data across the different data sources. The output is accessed via a tailored well data view.

V-DAT enables:

  • Data quality tests to be run on several data types from multiple data sources
  • Missing or incorrect data within data sources to be identified.
  • Differences in values for individual attributes across all the data sources to be reported.
  • Best values to be generated by amalgamating data from several data sources using predefined data source priorities. For example, if a value for a particular attribute is absent in the first priority data source, the second priority value is used
  • Best values to be business selected



For the past 20 years Venture has been helping E&P companies, from small independents through to the super majors, tackle their data and information challenges.

These challenges include all parts of the E&P lifecycle and range from the capture and cleansing of key legacy well and seismic data through production and on to the implementation of systems and processes to manage engineering facilities data.

V-KIT has been developed from this real-life practical experience.

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