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Data Management in a time of downturn

Date: 16/6/2015

Venture present at the ECIM & CDA Workshop in Aberdeen on the 30th June 2015. The focus for the event is "Data Management in a time of downturn - How to maximise value from Data Management" - a subject close to all of our hearts!

Our presentation is entitled "The Role of Data Management in a Changed World" and focuses on how E&P information management professionals help companies exploit, as well as access, their data assets. But in the 'new world' will need new capabilities and new approaches.

Abstract: Oil and gas companies recognize that the application of data-driven techniques to optimize planning and decision-making has huge potential to help them compete in today’s world, and to be successful in future. Successful initiatives in this arena are underpinned by a foundation of practical and fit-for-purpose data integration. At the same time, the need for many established data management tasks will diminish as automation increases and technology evolves. This presentation suggests information and data managers should seek to add value and develop their roles by helping our companies exploit their data, for example adopting analytical approaches in addition to established data management practices. This will be an important contribution to companies succeed in today’s - and tomorrow’s - market. 

For more details please go to the CDA website.

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