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Historical Production Data Analysis

The Situation

The client had nearly 100 years of historical production data provided from various systems with varying degrees of quality. They urgently wanted to identify poor quality or missing data, to understand historical performance and identify possible allocation issues The particularly interesting aspect of this project was the mix of data types which provided analysis from data management, production and reservoir viewpoints.

There are specific dedicated applications to analyse this data in depth but they do not – without significant effort – provide the type of overall view that this analysis provided. 

The data types were:

  • Degassing Production Data
  • Well Production and Injection Data
  • Well Picks
  • Fluid Contacts
  • Cretaceous Pressure and Production
  • Well Header.

Our Solution

Venture proposed a two phase approach, the first step was to aggregate and clean the data, the second to design an intuitive visualisation presentation layer.

  • Venture imported the data to an aggregator database and ran data cleaning procedures to produce a manageable, usable data set
  • The “dashboard” was designed with a base set of visualisations showing the data issues. The filters enabled the users to easily and quickly select/deselect data and data ranges to gain insight into the problem areas
  • It is important to note that had the data been simply loaded up directly it would have required a user have a high degree of skill with the visualisation package to make any sense out of it. 

DGS_Production_Data Dashboard.png 

Dashboard View: Providing the customer an overview of the oil production by Degassing Station.

A number of the created dashboard views show how visualisation can be used as a “quick look” at data that would otherwise require an expensive application to view. Examples are pressure, formation tops and fluid contact. Two views demonstrate a simple data QC where total depth, elevation and coordinates are checked.



  • Easily understand the history of the field   - The customer was able to visualise a large volume of historical data in previously unattainable, easy to consume way. 
  • Identify trends in the data with ease - Once, visualised, it was easy to 'spot' trends in the information which could indicate, for example,  the efficiency of injection programmes or simply identify gaps in the data
  • Improved data quality - The visulisation enabled the customer to quickly identify their data quality 'hot spots' and begin investigations internally to seek out the missing datasets. It had previously proven very challenging to even begin the identification process. 

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