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Approach & Services


Our Business Intelligence (BI) service offerings cover the full cycle of data-driven business intelligence projects, delivered within the 5 defined stages highlighted below. We can scale our involvement from simple day long engagements covering a single data source and visualisation through to end-to-end projects, supporting large, varied datasets and multi stakeholder requirements.

No matter the size, we have the flexibility to meet new requirements or support your on-going initiatives. 


Analysis and Definition

Working with your stakeholders to understand the business issues and requirements in relation to information and data.



Helping you to build user requirements and the associated specifications into a formal design, agreeing the ‘blueprint’ and criteria for success with you and your stakeholders. If appropriate, this stage can also provide you with a working Proof of Concept. 


Build and Test

In this stage the agreed design is coded and built. Depending on your internal capabilities, we have experience of working with customers to build either the entire or part of the agreed solution.



Launch of the solution involves change management, training and support as the built solution becomes operational. During deployment all associated documentation (training etc.) is produced and sign-off for the solution will be attained.


Review, Refinement and Enhancement

This stage is about adding value to an existing solution and follows deployment. The potential of the solution is maximized as new requirements identified during operational use are implemented as enhancements.


Client Spotlight


Venture has an extensive history of successful delivery of information management solutions to Nexen.