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2D Seismic Data Loading and Cleansing Services

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Our client required a reliable and standardised seismic data set to cover a regional mapping interest in Australia. Over 2,000 2D seismic lines from 115 surveys needed to be cleansed, standardised and ultimately loaded to a master Petrel project.

A key requirement was for the work to be completed with minimal to no supervision from our client. Our client recognised that Venture had the necessary processes and skilled personnel in place to do this. Technical expertise in Seismic and navigation data rectification and its manipulation in geotechnical applications like Petrel, GeoFrame and ArcGIS were also deemed essential.

The work needed to be completed to a strict time schedule to allow our clients technical staff to begin interpretation of the data and to meet their business deadlines.


The first step in the process was to analyse the quality of the data and identify the best data to use arising from any duplications resulting from the various sources. SEG-Y and navigation data were checked for issues including missing data from trace headers, missing or partial navigation data, and multiple vintages of the same lines.

Any issues were discussed with our client prior to rectification of the data. SeisSee was used to rectify any trace header issues whilst GeoFrame was used to attach navigation data to any files missing navigation data in their headers.

Our clients naming standards were applied to the data prior to loading to the master Petrel project. This was followed by final quality checking of the loaded data and documentation of the approach taken and decisions made.


The 2D seismic data was of variable quality, ranging from extremely poor to very good. The correction and accurate loading of the poor to extremely poor data was a major achievement of the project.

This, together with our strict adherence to meeting the project timeline, enabled our client’s technical staff to have a high degree of trust in the data and to be able to start interpretation of the data immediately. 

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