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Application Performance Testing

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The client was planning to migrate from in-house application hosting to an offsite data centre solution.  They had previously carried out a small scale exercise on a small number of applications to identify any potential impact on application performance.  Venture was brought in to carry out more detailed testing on 21 applications identified by the client as being key to the business.  Typical workflows carried out by the users of the applications along with test datasets were used for the testing.


Venture’s consultant worked at the client site for the duration of the project.  Key activities included:


  •  Confirming the workflows generated by the client
  •  Interviewing key users, documenting their workflows and identifying test data sets for those applications where workflows had not been created
  • Carrying out performance testing in morning and afternoon sessions for the 21 applications using software purchased by the client to simulate baseline, best case and worst case scenarios of latency and packet loss
  • Recording the time taken to complete each stage of an applications workflow for each of the scenarios and documenting any issues encountered
  • Reporting the test  findings to the stakeholders



The testing:

  • Identified which applications would be impacted by the move to an offsite datacentre
  • Allowed the reasons for the impact to be identified  and workarounds to be tested
  • Enabled the client to plan for subsequent stages of the project


Client Spotlight


Venture has an extensive history of successful delivery of information management solutions to Nexen.