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ArcView Data Environment

Although local teams were using ArcView, our client had not adopted it as a standard piece of corporate software. Venture was engaged to understand ArcViews full roll-out costs and any impacts on the existing geotechnical environment.



ArcView was being used by individual geotechnical team’s as a tool for the collation and presentation of its own and 3rd party spatial data. However, ArcView had not been adopted by our client as part of its standard corporate software suite.
Venture’s was asked to consult and provide a report that addressed the current use of ArcView within the company, including:

  • The existing and required ArcView data repositories (location and methodology for ArcView data storage and retrieval)
  • The clarity of information/data flows around ArcView
  • ArcView’s integration within the current corporate data management environment; especially in terms of workflows
  • ArcView's relationship with the corporate standard geotechnical application suite

We were also asked to investigate the ‘environment’ costs. This included the appropriateness of different ArcView modules for the E&P environment together with their license costs plus any necessary required tied peripherals; e.g. digitizing hardware and software.



A report of our findings was produced The publication of Published findings addressing:

  • Policies, processes and workflows for ArcView data usage and management including defined data transfer mechanisms and application linkages e.g. to Finder
  • License costs for required modules; costs of any ancillary hardware/software e.g. for digitising and data format translation

ArcView was formally adopted as part of the corporate software suite.

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Venture has an extensive history of successful delivery of information management solutions to Nexen.