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Business Classification System

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Our client has designed a Business Classification System (BCS) for documents at corporate head office. We have worked with business users and records managers to roll out and update the classification system



With business users from each function we have understood their business processes and the documents they produced. We have applied the BCS to documents, standardised processes and documents, and worked with business staff to assist them to implement and use the system in their work.

Under the direction of the group Records Manager, we have revised and updated the BCS in response to business needs, and maintained the system in a database that is accessible and searchable online.



Approaching the rollout function by function, the BCS is now in use for key corporate functions. It continues to be updated to reflect the needs of business staff resulting in a comprehensive and well-structured system that stays up-to-date, and is practical and easy to use. The project to implement the system in further functions is ongoing.

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