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Collating Data from Multiple Suppliers into Data Warehouse


Our client had an ongoing major capital project in Algeria that was experiencing difficulties bringing the engineering data from its main contractor and over 30 suppliers into the clients data warehouse.

The client, an oil & gas major, would receive data from this multitude of sources in various formats which would then require re-formatting to an agreed standard prior to data entry into the data warehouse.


Working with data warehouse vendor, a staging database was designed and created to allow data manipulation and quality assurance checks to be performed prior to load. The process was designed to be flexible to deal with varying formats and data quality.

Once in the staging database, the data was analysed and manipulated into the required format using Visual Basic and SQL scripts. Also built into the process were quality assurance checks for completeness, consistency and correctness of the data.

Quality assurance checks were also performed to address issues such as incompleteness of tags, missing attributes and ensure compliance with agreed standards. 


Venture managed a quality assurance process throughout the project between suppliers, the client and the data warehouse vendor. This ensured that all deliverables were met and that data quality and integrity was maintained.

By working closely with all involved we were able to monitor the data as it was supplied and compile issue lists relating to software, data or any other obstacles to the project. With documented agreed deadlines for issue resolutions, fast and effective solutions to key issues were found.

Regular weekly and monthly meetings were held which allowed issues to be discussed and resolved prior to sign-off by the client. Monthly reports detailing progress, any key areas that needed attention and resource usage were also produced.

A complete, quality assured data-set was received by the client giving the confidence in the engineering data going forward into operate.

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Venture has an extensive history of successful delivery of information management solutions to Nexen.