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Complex Hydrocarbon and Field Data

Our client, a large multi-national, needs to retrieve and analyse complex hydrocarbon and field data from third-party sources. Venture have implemented a solution that enables geoscientists to rapidly obtain views on data that previously could only be achieved by system experts, which in turn allows fresh exploration insights to be made.


Much valuable hydrocarbons field and well information is available from third-party sources. Previously, in order to maximise the value of this data, it had been necessary to work through a series of difficult, time-consuming and laborious procedures to:

  • Extract and collate data from different sources
  • Derive additional data attributes needed for example, to enable plots to be made against the geological timescale
  • Generate both standardised and non-standard plots for analysis of data subsets.

A solution has been developed that automates the retrieval of this complex data and creates standardised outputs in the form of tables and graphs.

A combination of Excel, autofilters and VBA are used to create a pseudo-query engine that enables users to produce outputs whilst working in a familiar Excel environment.

Features include:

  • Recalculation of all raw field ages in accordance with the 2008 International Timescale
  • The immediate display of data subsets and the calculation of subtotals such as the sum of field volumes, or the total number of fields selected
  • Automated plotting against the geological timescale - previously a complicated procedure as for example any data retrieval is unlikely to include all of the divisions in the timescale.


A tool that enables geoscientists working in a familiar excel environment, to retrieve, ‘slice and dice' and view data in ways that were previously impossible to all but system professionals. This enables interpreters to directly interact and view their data in new ways, to develop fresh exploration insights.

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