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Corporate Database Transfer

As a result of the merger between two major oil and gas companies, a large amount of valuable E&P digital data residing in existing Finder and Geoframe systems was moved to a new corporate database


The client faced a requirement to move and consolidate data stored in Finder and archived Geoframe projects into their in-house corporate system.


A thorough understanding of both the source data and the target Oracle database structure was developed, allowing simple yet effective mapping of data between project exports and the existing database structure. The use of an intermediate staging database allowed standards to be applied to the data. The staging database also allowed front-end routines to be used for exporting data from projects and loading data to the database, so utilising known procedures and reducing time and costs for additional procedures to be implemented.

A successful pilot project has been completed and project data is currently being audited to establish what data is to be transferred to the Corporate Database.

Client Spotlight


Venture has an extensive history of successful delivery of information management solutions to Nexen.