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Corporate Team Homepages

Development of a flexible website framework allowing various Teams within a leading oil company to publish information throughout the company's Intranet. The framework provided a fully customisable interface whilst retaining a standard look and feel



The project requirement was to improve the internal communication between various Teams, to encourage a greater awareness of individual Team's activities throughout the organisation.

A team 'Homepage' was envisaged, providing access to Project information, team news, team contacts (via the existing personnel database) and other standard Intranet facilities.


A standard framework of web pages was developed, allowing full customisation of graphics, font styles, page content and external links. The framework could be duplicated across any number of teams with little or no adaptation.

The framework allowed the upload of customised graphics to 'personalise' each team's pages, and provided fully interactive news pages and project information, updateable by users or a site administrator. Integration with the existing Intranet was provided for by standard internal links and a customisable 'Toolbox' of intranet applications.

At least four Teams currently use the system, improving the sharing of knowledge and skills across the whole organisation.

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Venture has an extensive history of successful delivery of information management solutions to Nexen.