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Cross-Industry Production Data Collaboration Study


Our client wished to explore the potential case for a collaborative industry initiative for the management of production data. The questions to be answered were, "Is there a problem or problems associated with the management of production data and, if so, what might a collaborative solution look like?"

Venture was selected to conduct this study, employing a five-stage approach to allow oversight of the information and documents progressively developed, and hence commitments to subsequent stages to be reviewed accordingly.


In order to provide clear linkage with industry practitioners in production data, a number of nominees within the industry were engaged and interviewed. As far as possible, these nominees were taken from every stage in the production data workflow. The interviews were followed up by a workshop to share the initial findings and to develop ideas for further investigation.

The first three stages of the study delivered the following key documents:

  • An initial summary and brief description of the essential elements of oil and gas production data, together with typical work-flows from the facility to corporate databases and onwards to partners and regulators.
  • More detailed definitions of potential candidates for sharing or collaboration, with reference to generic data models that industry is using throughout the production data work-flow. The document also describes the uses that different stakeholders make of production data and the various "views" that this involves. Finally, the document makes some recommendations about the suitability of ‘standard' production data models and exchange standards that are available.
  • Some immediate areas of potential interest, identified for further testing amongst the broad stakeholder community.


The understanding generated by work conducted (and the deliverables described above) enabled the client to revise the approach to subsequent stages, taking into account the diversity and complexity of the subject area. The ongoing assessment of feasible collaboration possibilities will involve a wide range of stakeholders supported by the documents and insights already gained.

Client Spotlight


Venture has an extensive history of successful delivery of information management solutions to Nexen.