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Data Framework Implementation

Our client recognised the need to re-shape and enhance its technical data management practices as a major field development moved into production



A dedicated project team worked a number of activities to create a robust data management environment. These activities included:

  • Data Management Framework development and deployment. The development of policies, standards, data flows and procedures to enable immediate benefits and ensure long-term sustainability.
  • Data clean up. To ensure that the quality of existing information met the requirements of the Framework for data correctness, completeness and consistency across both project and corporate stores. The need for future rework was mitigated through the capture of key observations and comments - ‘the story about the data’ - made during the clean-up process
  • Change management. To embed processes, standards and good practice embodied within the Framework to all business users and owners



The project delivered:

  • A trusted data set enabling effective asset management and which:
  • Is considerably more complete and correct
  • Is consistent throughout the data storage locations, providing the stable underpinnings for future data access mechanisms
  • Complies to the newly defined standards
  • A robust infrastructure to ensure the future - standards, procedures and polices which define, not just the project activities, but also all future data management activities. Well data standards cover all major data types (reference, deviation, core, lithology, markers, zonal averages, tests (mdt/rft & dst), logs (wireline, raw, Interpreted, composite & CPI), mud logs, well seismic and dipmeter. Seismic standards include surveys (2D & 3D), seismic lines, volumes, horizons, faults, velocity models, site surveys and time depth tables
  • Tools to measure the ongoing consistency of data across project and corporate stores

Client Spotlight


Venture has an extensive history of successful delivery of information management solutions to Nexen.