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Our client is the Middle East performance unit of one of the world’s largest oil and gas companies. The unit in the UK has asked Venture to review of the team’s subsurface data environment and recommend ways to deal with the data asset and manage information in future to preserve its value and accessibility



The unit in the UK supports regional asset management operations, and undertakes business development across the region. They have a long history of activity in the Middle East and have large amounts of information and raw data associated with past analysis.

Current members have difficulty finding information and the unit believes it is not optimising its output because they are not using only what they can find, rather than the best information available.

We have interviewed key business stakeholders and staff and understood the unit’s document and digital data management environment. We conducted research to identify legacy information stores and talked to company personnel outside the team who have used or managed Middle East data in the past, and who are currently concerned with managing it.

From this information we are able to identify and prioritise activities to improve access and value for the team’s data asset, and present these as a roadmap for continued improvement. In addition, we have designed an architecture which describes the systems, tools, information flows and management processes to protect and preserve the value of information currently being generated.



Work on this project is ongoing, however the unit has already benefited from a clear understanding of the issues and the challenges they face. This has helped them in planning resource and activities for information management.

Once the roadmap is underway, the team will benefit from improved understanding of, and access to, their historical data asset. Operational effectiveness will be improved, with greater throughput from reduced time assembling the best information available.

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