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Data Management Coordination Roles

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Exploration and production companies have rapidly increasing quantities of subsurface technical data to organise. Our client, being no different, recognised a need to have dedicated people in place that could deal with this information, effectively shepherd the data to its required locations and put forward suggestions and solutions for best practice in the future



Venture put forward consultants with experience and knowledge in technical data management techniques and practices to coordinate the flow of data within the business units. Projects were implemented to retrieve heritage data from storage and integrate into the working datasets; and to clean and organise both the existing online digital data, and any new data received whether from external data vendors or from new acquisition.

This all had to occur in parallel with the organisation of data loading through the company service desk, the monitoring of multi-platform disk usage and any other ad hoc data requests put in by the client.



Through continued working with the data, communication with the client and the use of best practice, it has been possible to organise the information into logical structures so that it can be easily utilised by the business.

Task logs have been populated and regularly updated to track all jobs involving data management and tools have been implemented for managing disk space across both NT and Unix servers. Workflows are being created to document standard procedures for the majority of common tasks carried out.

This has all resulted in the DMC position being a trusted and relied upon position throughout the business.

Client Spotlight


Venture has an extensive history of successful delivery of information management solutions to Nexen.