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Provision to our client of a complete, secure, validated and up-to-date corporate store for both well and seismic navigation data, all data conforming to appropriate standards and managed according to agreed processes.



Our client was a growing team that was becoming increasingly dependent on easy access to quality data. The project was to deliver cleaned and verified data from agreed data sources (scanned hardcopy documents) loaded into a designated corporate store.
Stages in the delivery included:

  • An initial phase to agree data types, designated corporate store and data sources
  • Data amnesty to collate together any hardcopy documents not in storage
  • The retrieval and scanning of all required documents stored off-site
  • Phase 1: collation and quality check of well and seismic data in priority area 1
  • Phase 2: collation and quality check of well data in priority area 2
  • Phase 3: collation and quality check of well data in priority area 3.



The project achieved all objectives:

  • Provision of a complete data repository for the agreed priority areas (total of 1,667 wells headers with all related well data and 2,800 seismic navigation lines)
  • Easy and quick access to corporate data for all users
  • All data conforming to the agreed standards and was managed according to agreed processes
  • All collated data was compared to data stored within OpenWorks and any variance reported to data owners
  • All scanned documents were made available on the Windows NT file share.

Client Spotlight


Venture has an extensive history of successful delivery of information management solutions to Nexen.