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Data Transfer to Finder

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A critical component of our clients data management strategy is to store data within Finder. To achieve this, Venture mapped, manipulated and then transferred data from Probe4, GeoFrame and Landmark, Satlegger and raw data files into Finder



Data types including well headers, seismic 2D, seismic 3D outlines, culture data, deviation, checkshots, leases, picks and well tests were transferred to Finder using the following process:
Removal of duplicates. To ensure duplicate data was not loaded into Finder, detailed audits of all source databases were carried out using scripts to compare the data.
Attribute mapping. Lists of attributes that could be exported from each application were mapped to the Finder database and the information captured for future transfer processes.
Data manipulation. The extracted data was manipulated for loading into Finder using Oracle, Access and Awk scripts.
Final QC. Final QC was performed within Finder. Maps were created to display both the data and to demonstrate the functionality of Finder.



Data is now held within a single store, a positive step to our client achieving a fully integrated data management system. Further work is in progress to demonstrate to business users how best to maximise the use of Finder functionality.

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Venture has an extensive history of successful delivery of information management solutions to Nexen.