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Data and Information Landscape Assessment and Roadmap Development



A major customer’s exploration function needed to define a vision and three to five year execution plan/roadmap for information and data management. A project was instigated to achieve this goal with Venture providing analysis of the existing data and information landscape, an “as-is assessment”, and developing roadmap recommendations for the functions structured and unstructured data.

To enable both a detailed qualitative and quantitate data assessment to be made, Venture’s DTM methodology with supporting V-KIT tool set was deployed.  This allowed large amounts of disparate data (40 million files, 700,000+ wells, 50,000+ seismic surveys etc.) spread across multiple stores to be rapidly and effectively assessed and quantified.


Specifically, the customer required:


  • Data & Information Landscape Assessment Report (Detailed & High Level) Including:
    • Data & Information contained within entities indicating volume / type
    • Storage location of Data & Information segmented by tools / repositories / other locations
    • The flow of identified Data  & Information throughout the entities, including assessment of accessibility
    • A data quality report including an overview of the state of quality


  • Findings Summary Report and Roadmap Recommendations:
    • Overview of any problems that exist across the function
    • Overview of the time and cost implication to fix any identified problems
    • Detailed breakdown of recommended activities and future projects
    • Clear and concise detailing of the benefits to the customer of undertaking any suggested recommended activities & projects




The Discovery phase of Ventures methodology to improve data environments provided the framework for our approach to the Data and Information Landscape Assessment. The assessment comprised two work streams:


  • Data investigation using V-KIT.

An audit of the structure and content of Windows shared network folders, UNIX disk areas and SharePoint was undertaken to quantify the volume, nature and location of existing data and other files currently in these stores.

Similarly, the content and quality of digital data held in repositories such as OpenWorks, Finder, Recall, Techlog as well as proprietary databases was examined using V-KIT. Quality analysis was performed against an agreed set of configurable data rules held in V-KIT.

  • Stakeholder information gathering.

Through interviews, an understanding of the context and history of existing data, data flows, ways of working, future needs and requirements as well as the vision and objectives for data management was gained.

Outputs from the data investigation and stakeholder information gathering were collected, analysed and summarised into a final as-is summary report. Recommendations were also provided that fed into the function’s future roadmap for data management.




  • A rapid detailed and accurate summary of the quality and quantity of the functions’ data


  • A clear assessment of the data management issues impacting business users and data managers




  • Informed decision to be made in developing and prioritising work programmes that would have the greatest impact on business performance

Client Spotlight


Venture has an extensive history of successful delivery of information management solutions to Nexen.