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Delivering CDA Commitments Through The Venture Service Desk


Our client had an initial requirement to ensure that reports and logs for a number of selected wells held in its repositories were complete. It also had to fulfil requests from CDA for uploading of data to the CDA website as per company agreements.  The Venture Service Desk was commissioned to undertake the work.

The Venture Service Desk provides our customers with on-call access to dedicated data and information management experts. Services undertaken include data loading and document management requests. 

The initial requirement necessitated identifying and downloading key reports and logs for each of the wells from CDA, comparing the data with that held in our clients LiveLink EDM repository, ensuring completeness of the dataset and adding meta data as required. The critical success factor of this, and the following engagements was that all tasks must be completed within strict client and CDA deadlines. 

Following successful completion on time, the Venture Service Desk was engaged to complete three further requirements;


  • To respond to a CDA call for data.  CDA had identified 126 wells which potentially had incomplete Core Digit data (PON9 criteria) and EOWRs (CS-8 criteria).  This necessitated a review of each well to determine if any action was required; to assess the need for any potential digitisation; to upload reports and data to CDA, and update the well data inventory.


  • To respond to a CDA call for an update on seismic data reports and velocity data held by our client.  This required searching four separate data sites and uploading and updating relevant seismic data and reports to the CDA website.
  • To indentify and download from CDA relevant documents and logs relating to 38 wells within release round 128. These were then loaded to our clients LiveLink repository



Our client recognised that the Venture Service Desk had the necessary skills and experience required with CDA, LiveLink and the data types to be able to off-site the task and free their internal staff for other activities.

 For each requirement the following key stages were undertaken:

  • Review CDA - comparing data listings, identify and list any missing data.
  • Review LiveLink and any other client data storage sites for relevant data and documents both in electronic and hardcopy forms.
  • OCR required documents - data needs to be in digital format for uploading to CDA.  Identify relevant reports and data within paper documents for digitisation.
  • Add meta-data – where appropriate, amended and rename data prior to uploading to our clients and CDA repositories.
  • Upload to CDA or LiveLink and update the Well Data Inventory as per CDA requirements.




  • More complete and better quality data. Our client now has a more complete and updated LiveLink repository available for use by their staff. 
  • Our clients CDA’s commitments have been delivered through the Service Desk with minimal involvement of in-house staff.
  • Understanding of any incomplete data. Documents have been delivered to our client detailing any missing data and reports.
  • By using the Venture Service Desk, our client also benefitted from:
    • Provision of expertise when needed, removing pressure on head count and desk space
    • A virtual extension of the customers DM and IM teams, with nominated Venture personnel allocated to each request
    • Freeing up of management time and resources
    • Enabling local DM and IM personnel to concentrate on high value business projects rather than routine activities
    • Confidence that the request will be accurately completed in a timely fashion
    • Security - security is of paramount importance in the operation of the Venture Service Desk. Processes are governed by our ITIL based Service Delivery Framework, ensuring the completion of activities and status reporting meet our clients operational requirements.


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