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Digital Log DB Creation

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Our multinational client was involved in a JV to extend the life of existing fields. As part of this process it needed to achieve a reinterpreted correlation of the region and a petrophysical model - both required a comprehensive digital log database



Our client had received a number of digital log files from its partner companies. Whilst this gave good coverage of the reservoir section, coverage of shallower sections was in need of development.
To achieve this, Venture was requested to build a digital dataset of petrophysically useful curves (GR, DT, ILD, ILM, etc) to be hosted on RECALL and collated and transformed from existing hardcopy and electronic sources.
The following process was executed:

  • Investigations of well reports to ascertain what logs were run in each well
  • Retrieval of identified hard copy logs from storage
  • Investigation of other client digital log data sources, including:
    • Curves in Landmark, GeoFrame and eXpress application projects
    • Curves held as files in NT directories
    • Tapes held with the clients storage contractor
  • Loading of additional ‘new’ data to RECALL
  • Identification, digitisation and loading of missing data from physical logs
  • QCing of all digital curves against retrieved hard copy logs
  • Splicing of required curves to produce composite data sets
  • Application of clients log attribute standards to the curve metadata



The creation of a comprehensive, quality-assured, database of composited digital logs for 150 wells.

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Venture has an extensive history of successful delivery of information management solutions to Nexen.