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Discovery, QC and Consolidation of Digital Well Data

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Venture was engaged by an international E&P company to work with a number of local teams to find, QC and consolidate approximately 30,000 key digital well data into a single corporate store


Our client lacked a consistent method for naming and storing well files. This resulted in key well documents being scattered and often duplicated across servers and employees desktops, making it time consuming and difficult to:

  • Find files
  • Identify the most recent version
  • Be sure that decisions were made on best available data

Venture was engaged to resolve these issues for a number of international locations; liaising with local teams to find and collate key well documents prior to QC and consolidation into a single repository.

Process/Methodology Undertaken

A four-part process was used:


  • Set-up folder networks
  • Contact data owners: types of data, locations of data, requirements
  • Request network and document permissions


  • Find and validate relevant data
  • Check with data owners as to correct processing of data
  • Speak with data owners regarding other potential data sources
  • Compare data against other copies
  • Record data in a matrix and list in spread sheet
  • Copy data to relevant folders
  • Request data owners verify relevant data has been correctly recorded


  • Compare amounts between record matrix, data listing & data folders
  • Check data is recorded & stored correctly
  • Check data is correctly recorded & stored
  • Check server for missing data
  • Consolidation and Close-out:
  • Check for multiple copies
  • Ensure latest versions have been collated
  • Check if data or reports should be moved
  • Ensure data is stored as required
  • Ensure required parties know of storage locations
  • Project clean up
  • Final report


Having quality controlled documents in a single store is a major advantage for our clients international teams.

Not only will there be efficiency gains made by reducing time spent in searching for data, the knowledge that the data is secure for the future, but more importantly, business decisions will now be made in full confidence that the data the decisions were based on was the best available. 

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