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Document Management Process Design

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Our client recognised that the management of documents and hardcopy needed improvement to support key business processes. Working with IM and business staff a design for new IM processes and systems was produced along with a road map for the change



Working with IM and business staff Venture established objectives for a future document management system that would support ongoing and future business needs.

Through consultation with business staff, IM staff, and other stakeholders we built a comprehensive picture of the current processes for receiving, indexing, tracking, lending and storing of hardcopy information.

We then formulated and recommended new processes across a range of technology and organisational areas that together would achieve the desired objectives and realise an improved management system for document and hardcopy data.



Our client has already adopted a number of the initial recommendations. The new system design and implementation road map we produced have provided a ‘very clear and useful’ basis for change to the current provision of information management services in the company.

Based on the road map we provided, implementation of a corporate information system incorporating our design and recommendations is expected in the course of the year.

Client Spotlight


Venture has an extensive history of successful delivery of information management solutions to Nexen.