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EDMS Re-implementation and Migration


The client, one of Europe's largest independent oil and gas exploration and production companies, had previously implemented a Livelink system around their various sites across three continents. Adoption of the system was not as widespread as planned and Venture was approached as part of an initiative to revitalise and re-launch the application.

As part of this programme, Venture was asked to migrate the content for various business functions to the new, globally architected Livelink application. Existing content, in all its forms, needed to be scanned, cleansed of duplicates, file plans created and mappings generated to migrate files to a newly designed globally structure in the new Livelink system, based in the UK.


The Venture V-KIT tools for File Scanning, Analysis and Migration were enhanced to meet the requirements of the client. The file scanning was used to scan each of the file shares. A new scanner for Livelink content was built to scan the various legacy Livelink areas and enable the creation of file plans as the basis for creation of mapping spread sheets. In conjunction with the business users a new file plan was created and mappings created. 

For some remote locations, the analysis engine was enhanced to generate a delta or difference between multiple scans. This meant that additional time could be allowed during the migration process for tasks such as user training. It also allowed migrations to occur out of hours.

The migration utilities of V-KIT were built for Livelink to create import XML files to facilitate the loading of content from these systems into the new Livelink locations. Further analysis was provided as part of the import validation.



The client was able to migration each business team with minimal manual intervention, just following a few simple procedural steps at remote and head office locations. The migration process was completed for each location in just a few hours, saving many days of effort, something that would have been impossible without the use of V-KIT.

Alongside these benefits, the following function specific points are worthy of attention.

Geophysical Technology

The business function responsible for the provision of global support to the assets in seismic acquisition, processing and interpretation, as well as non-seismic geophysics, Geophysical Technology was already a large user of the legacy Livelink system and - with responsibilities for also managing an extensive hardcopy data catalogue - had built up a large volume of associated metadata.

Venture therefore worked with Geophysical Technology to not only clean, map and migrate content to the new Livelink system, but also clean-up, map and migrate the associated legacy categories and attributes to align with the client's revised vision for a global metadata framework. Working closely with the business function, Venture successfully delivered an intuitive new structure complete with metadata now aligned to newly cleaned metadata categories, attributes and naming conventions.

Human Resources

The Human Resource department had been identified as a quick win, and Venture provided the capabilities to migrate globally dispersed HR content, from across three Livelink instances and four windows shares to the new Livelink system.

Alongside a successful migration of all content, a significant achievement here was the management of the business change. A business function of largely non-technical HR users spread across seven countries were persuaded to give up their country based silos of information, and move to a new global information structure, embrace new concepts such as the use of metadata, and adopt an all new system. This was just as significant a challenge as those posed by the technology.

In conjunction with the move to the new system, Venture assisted in developing a ‘philosophy' document around the new structure, explaining to users not only the rules around the new area, but the thinking behind those rules and practices in order to fully engage with HR users on their terms. These are now in place and in full use.

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management (SCM) was a user of large amounts of data relating to contracts between various organisation entities and third parties and suppliers. These were usually stored in well managed file structures in legacy Livelink systems and folder shares, again in seven countries.

The relatively well structure nature of their content, meant that Venture were able to develop the VKIT tool's functionality to not only scan, analyse and migrate this content, but also automatically map the structured content to the a SCM structure. The ‘auto mapping', based on mapping rules defined by the SCM data owners, saved many man weeks of mapping work, therefore delivering immediate benefits to the client.

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