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Documentum to SharePoint Content Migration

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Our client, an oil and gas super-major, recently approached Venture to assist with a complex migration of content to tight timescales for one of their Middle East operations.


Our client was using Documentum as their primary Electronic Document Management System (EDMS). This platform has been in regular use for a considerable time and as such, it contained a large and complex set of legacy files.

Recently, a corporate strategic decision has been taken to use SharePoint as a common EDMS throughout the organisation and the Documentum system is being decommissioned. As such, the company needs Documentum content migrating in a structured manner to secure locations in a central SharePoint repository, which is based in the UK.

Documentum and SharePoint both handle versioning and security in very different ways and the Middle Eastern business unit wanted to preserve this information in the new system. Additionally, the business unit needed to reuse the Documentum servers as part of an IT transition plan, and therefore had aggressive but uncertain deadlines for the migration.

Given the complex nature of the migration and the looming deadline, the business unit approached Venture for assistance in achieving an efficient and high quality migration as quickly as possible with minimal disruption.


Based on our experience of content migrations, we developed effective strategies for managing the significantly different way in which the two products handle security and versions.

Using an enhanced version of our V-KIT V-Files analysis and migration tools we were able to quickly analyse existing content, define a migration approach to meet the client's specific requirements for document versions and renditions, then export, condition and reload the content quickly and effectively. This process included a series of quality checks and tests for every item to be migrated, and suggested mitigation actions for problem items.

Some of the business unit's teams were not in a position to cope with any outage to their systems, so the work was carried out to a meticulously controlled, out-of-hours schedule that allowed for little or no slippage.

Despite the challenges of working across different cultures, time-zones, public holidays and a complex technical migration, the project was delivered within the deadline, to budget and with minimal impact to the user communities.Client testimonial

Client Feedback

"I would like to thank the Venture team for all their efforts in the successful migration of data to MOSS. I received timely reports, notifications of risks and suggestions of alternative mitigation actions. This helped me take decisions and avoid unnecessary delays. The timeline of the project was a moving target and yet the team was very flexible and went ‘the extra mile' to ensure my satisfaction. Venture has been very keen to ensure that we are very satisfied with their service and that business value is delivered."      

Client's in-country Project Manager.


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