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Drilling Applications

We were engaged by our client to bring clarity to its stated requirement for 'Effective information sharing', review current systems and processes and to recommend a way forward



The client had a performance management application that needed to be enhanced to make it easier to use and more closely aligned to their changing requirements.

In addition, they had started to create another application for monitoring drilling costs and capturing crucial information to create a lessons learned database.



Venture remodelled the performance management application to simplify the administration, enhance the reporting and align the functions to their business needs.

The applications were enhanced to provide a lot more visual information, such as charts and reports. This included drilling charts to match costs and time against well drilling progress.

A lessons learned matrix makes it easy for users to capture the impact an event might have on people, the environment, the company’s reputation and the financial implications.



The solution is providing a number of benefits:

  • Easier to use for both users, managers and administrators
  • Improved reporting to provide managers with valuable data and visual charts
  • Ability to capture lessons learned and with workflow process ensures that they are acted upon
  • Visualisation of costs and time associated with drilling operations
  • Managers can now set and measure performance and users are aware of their need to complete assessments on time
  • Users interact with a familiar browser interface, wherever they are located
  • New Lessons Learned and cost monitoring application launched.

Client Spotlight


Venture has an extensive history of successful delivery of information management solutions to Nexen.