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Electronic File Sharing

Our client requested Venture to review and then restructure its NT file structure to create an intuitive system that would facilitate the storing and sharing of all information within and between teams



Our client had identified a number of areas for improvement in the management of its business information. One of these, the NT file system S Drive - where most business information is shared, was thoroughly reviewed for structure and access. This project was commissioned to carry out the review and to design and implement a new structure that would enable effective sharing.

To gain a better understanding of the business data requirements, key users from Technical, Finance and Legal teams were interviewed. In addition, the current file structure was analysed using Venture’s File System Mapper tool.

A new file structure was designed that gave each team its own work area and also enabled data to be shared between teams.

After acceptance of the design the project moved into the implementation phase. A snapshot of the S Drive was taken and all users were visited to identify their data. This required multiple visits to the users as some data had no obvious owner and the most appropriate person had to be identified. To foster ownership and take-up of the new system, users were encouraged to rationalise and migrate their data to the appropriate area. Assistance was given where needed and minor adjustments were made to the file structure design to remove any issues.



A fully populated file structure that allows each team to share data internally and also facilitates the sharing of data between teams.

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Venture has an extensive history of successful delivery of information management solutions to Nexen.