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Email Reporting Tool

As part of our clients ongoing email management initiative, Venture has developed an application to monitor and present the volumes of emails sent, received and stored in various repositories; by both department and individual. The application identifies trends and highlights any potential issues


Our client has undertaken a pilot project, covering four business teams, to better understand the volumes of emails sent, received and stored within the main company systems. The project highlights where emails are being stored and identifies trends over time.

To achieve this, an application needed to be developed that would assimilate and store reports from:

  • Livelink (statistics on emails stored in Livelink)
  • Microsoft Exchange (statistics on mailbox sizes, numbers and physical volumes of messages sent, received and stored)
  • TreeSize Professional (statistics on*.pst file sizes and counts stored on U: Drives)

The application imports reports exported from each of these systems and then generates a set of default summary reports and charts for each of the four teams, on a monthly basis. Additional flexibility is provided through a ‘dashboard' that enables customised reports and charts (e.g. by department, data source, data range, time period) to be produced.


An application that gives a consolidated view of email usage by system, team and individual; highlighting any issues that may require management.

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Venture has an extensive history of successful delivery of information management solutions to Nexen.