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Engineering Information Assessment and Recommendations

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After several changes in ownership (and associated information degradation) the engineering data and documents associated with the client's mature asset were unreliable and often incomplete. This presented a myriad of problems; not least of which was the inability to issue new tag numbers with the confidence that the number selected was the next sequential available number.


Venture's consultant assessed the current business processes, workflows and interfaces to establish where problems were occurring.
The successful approach taken by a recent major capital project was also reviewed in order to establish, where feasible, compatible plans for both short and long-term improvements to information management for the mature assets.


Short-term improvements included:

  • Increased awareness across the asset and discipline teams of the problems and ownership of both information sets and the challenges of improvement
  • A new (single) master tag register and business processes for its management and allocation of new tags

And for the longer term, the client was positioned to:

  • Locate, improve and complete the essential data sets, according to revised equipment class libraries
  • Align, as far as possible, the systems and business process approach taken across both mature assets and major capital projects.

Client Spotlight


Venture has an extensive history of successful delivery of information management solutions to Nexen.