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Engineering Maintenance - Social Network Analysis

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Our client is a major international oil company with extensive operations in the North Sea.

Following a reorganisation of the facilities and engineering functions, a previously active knowledge exchange network (or community of practice) focussed on maintenance and reliability had become much less active.

The client asked Venture to examine the organisation and the network, determine whether the network was beneficial and - assuming it was - recommend ways in which it could be reinvigorated.

Our Approach


Using a specially designed questionnaire focussed on individual's experience and perception of the network and the current maintenance processes we interviewed key stakeholders across the re-organised functions, including previously regular attendees and those who did not attend. We also performed social network analysis to gain insight into the ideal membership of the network.

We were able to identify both tangible and intangible benefit from the network, and build a case to support continued activity. Based on our experience of knowledge management best practice we were able to suggest changes to the way regular network meetings functioned, how the network was supported and maintained outside regular meetings, as well as how it was administered. We also recommended metrics and measures of success to help track future activity and network value.

The Result


Our sponsor was able to take our results to management and the community itself and secure mandate for both continuing the network and adopting key recommendations, for revitalisation of the network as an active and valuable knowledge sharing activity.

Client Spotlight


Venture has an extensive history of successful delivery of information management solutions to Nexen.