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EMM Contractor Information Review

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Venture is supporting the Operator during the early stages of a project to review the existing Engineering, Modifications and Maintenance (EMM) contracting strategy, with a review to reducing the number of contracting organisations. The project requires a full due diligence analysis of the information held by the incumbents and definition of the future requirements for a new technology platform designed for the management of information, records and data. The project is detailing the supporting information management processes and workflows that underpin the Facilities Projects and Engineering Process.


The project support provided includes;

  • Due diligence on the information held by the incumbent EMM contractors, including document formats and missing documents/data
  • Participation in SWOT and risk analysis to rank technology and process options and drive further investigation of possibilities
  • Stakeholder engagement and testing of selected options within the Business Units and Operations to reconfirm that the options meet the business requirements
  • Highlight the opportunities for the Operator to enable a transformational step forward in the way the company leverages its information and data assets.
  • Definition and documenting the high level and detailed work processes for information managed in the EMM environment
  • Definition of key information deliverables from EMM activities to: Provide consistent and transparent business process.
    • Ensure single interface handover points
    • Ensure single point of accountability
    • Provide auditability and traceability from design inception to decommissioning & disposition
    • Provide a single master source of information - "single source of truth"
    • Manage the document technical integrity audit trail that underpins the facility from design inception through to today.


The main benefit for the client will be the massive cost saving associated with the reduction in contractor organisations.
The information management benefits associated with combining the information into a single system are related to the improvement in quality, consistency and completeness:

  • Reduced Operational Costs - Access to current information, costs to find, print and distribute information for projects, maintenance and work-packs are reduced and it is easier to achieve and maintain regulatory compliance
  • Reduced Project Costs - Project administration is reduced as time taken to find, collate, print, distribute and hand over information is cut. Return visits to site due to inaccurate material can be eliminated
  • Increased Productivity and Reduced Shutdowns - Instant access to accurate information speeds up transmittal distribution and maximises productivity of planned shutdowns whilst eliminating unplanned shutdowns due to inaccurate data
  • Better Safety - Health & Safety risks are better managed as staff are less likely to use inaccurate information that could lead to a serious accident.

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Venture has an extensive history of successful delivery of information management solutions to Nexen.