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File Copying using V-Kit


Like many companies, our client was unable to easily copy data from local Windows file shares in their overseas offices prior to migration of supply chain documents to their new EDMS: Livelink. They were having errors with the copying process as in some cases the file path was too long for the documents to be copied using Windows Explorer.

Venture was asked for a solution to this problem as it was potentially delaying their migration and they were unable to export all documents.


The Venture Files Copier application was created to solve this problem, which:

  • Copies files from any location to another location or directly to removable storage for shipment to the London office
  • Overcomes issues associated with very long folder paths in Windows files shares
  • Converts the content into standard secure document format, making the data more secure during shipment. For sensitive situations the removable storage device can also be encrypted
  • Is an easy to use Windows application, which is also small in size so it can be distributed over low bandwidth networks to remote locations.



Our client was able to simply and quickly export ALL their documents and ship them over to the London office. As a result the migration was completed in time.

They now have the confidence that they will be able to migrate all other remote business functions data from Windows file shares into Livelink.

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Venture has an extensive history of successful delivery of information management solutions to Nexen.