Proven broad & deep track record

Finder Production Data Model

Detailed analysis of a new but poorly facilitated data model led to a full understanding of the model and the development of fully functional data loading and access facilities



As part of a Finder upgrade a new model had been created that allowed all production data to be stored within the database. A lack of detailed documentation at launch to support the new model meant that there was no clear mechanism for loading or viewing data.

As the model was also object orientated, it became necessary to do a detailed analysis prior to loading the data.



The first stage of the project was to map the standard suite of production data e.g. daily production figures, casings, test data etc. to the extended model. Once this had been documented it was then possible to produce processes to load the data into the database. Extra work was also required in adjusting the forms and reports to ensure all the clients requirements were met.

The work provided both the client and Venture with a detailed understanding of the extended production model in Finder, and allowed the client to gain full access to their system and its data.

Client Spotlight


Venture has an extensive history of successful delivery of information management solutions to Nexen.