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Finder Support and Clean-up

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Migration of well data from multiple legacy systems into a single location (Finder), plus the creation of set processes for the loading of new data.



The client had purchased the whole suite of Geoquest applications including Geoframe, Finder, LogDB, SeisDB and Geoweb and intended to set up a fully integrated system. Part of this system required Finder to be fully populated with all the client's most recent data and become the central corporate store for all E&P data.



An initial transferred of well data from Probe into Finder was made, on a country-by-country basis. This data was merged with existing client data, attribute mapped from other legacy systems, producing a more accurate and extended data set.

Once the bulk data had been captured, processes were set up in consulation with users to facilitate the loading of new data to the system.

The client is now benefitting from a clean and up to date set of corporate data in a single location.

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