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GeoFrame Audit

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Data audit, rationalisation and standardisation of GeoFrame projects for two leading oil and gas exploration companies, creating a consistent, structured GeoFrame environment



Two leading oil and gas exploration companies have recently benefited from the GeoFrame Rationalisation and Standardisation activities of Venture's project teams. In both cases a process of business interaction has identified and defined key geotechnical data management standards for application not only to GeoFrame but all subsurface data repositories.

Thorough audit and analysis of the GeoFrame environments has provided an insight to the issues arising within this environment. Working closely with the subsurface and exploration teams to identify the most appropriate course of rationalisation and level of standardisation Venture is able to tailor the most suitable project approach.



Execution of GeoFrame Rationalisation and Standardisation projects has led to a more structured GeoFrame environment with centralised data storage and access, coupled with applied standards to add consistency not only within the GeoFrame environment but also through the subsurface data realms.

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Venture has an extensive history of successful delivery of information management solutions to Nexen.