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GeoFrame to Kingdom Migration

Venture successfully implemented The Kingdom Suite (TKS) in order to provide a replacement for the outgoing GeoFrame suite. Key data sets were transferred to provide users with a trusted geophysical and geological project database



The client had recently performed a review of business requirements after selling off several assets, which necessitated organisational restructuring. Part of the review concerned the use of technical software packages, which were more in line with the new scale of the business. The client had recently evaluated The Kingdom Suite (TKS) – a PC-based geophysical interpretation tool. Based on the results of the evaluation, the client decided to purchase the product with the intention of eventually replacing the existing GeoFrame environment.

Preliminary work involving consultation with the business identified which of the GeoFrame projects were active-high use and should be transferred to Kingdom first (Priority Projects), and which where less frequently used and could be transferred at a later date (Non-Priority Projects). The preliminary work also identified which data types were to be migrated and the most appropriate processes for executing the migration. Due to the differences in data model between GeoFrame and Kingdom, various options for the Kingdom project models were also considered.



Through the development of new processes and procedures used in conjunction with new transfer technologies (mainly the OpenSpirit ‘Tunnel-O’ module), high priority data from 42 GeoFrame projects was successfully transferred to selected Kingdom Projects. In total, this equated to around 300 3D volumes, 1500 2D lines, 3000 distinct wells, 1000 distinct checkshot surveys, 2100 distinct deviation surveys and 10,000+ log curves. Where possible, data was also cleaned-up and rationalised during the transfer process. The reliance on Geoframe has been reduced to a minimum, with the majority of G&G staff now transferred to The Kingdom Suite.

As a continuation to this project, additional data types from various sources, as well as Geoframe are now being identified for migration.

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