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GeoFrame to Petrel Data Cleanse and Migration

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Using V-KIT, Ventures in-house toolset, aligned with our Discover-Transform-Manipulate methodology, data including seismic surveys, horizons, grids, faults, well headers, deviation surveys, checkshots and well logs was exported from GeoFrame, cleansed and loaded into Petrel.


Our client, an integrated energy company headquartered in North America, made a strategic decision to move to Petrel as its sole interpretation platform. This led to a requirement to migrate legacy GeoFrame data into the Petrel environment.

The work not only involved the transfer of data but also the identification of standards and conventions, their alignment, alongside the identification of missing or incorrect data and mitigation strategies for them.

Venture used a project approach and its in-house toolset, V-KIT, aligned with its proven Discover-Transform-Manipulate (DTM) methodology to facilitate a controlled end to end migration.


GeoFrame data was transferred, with all expected data being moved with no data loss or corruption. This was assisted by the creation of custom attributes in Petrel which ensured that no data remained unmigrated.

  • GeoFrame users were transferred, and are now using Petrel successfully. There was no outage or loss of service to the users.
  • Implementation of a standard Petrel architecture, supporting efficient Data Management activities
  • Improvements in the quality of well header data, supported by comparison against CDA as a data source and verifying anomalies against original well reports, ensuring that the most appropriate data was used.
  • Improvement and verification of seismic data quality by applying naming standards, as well as verification of standards and procedures applied.

The migration was delivered successfully, to time, and under budget. 

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