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Geoscience and Application Support

Venture supplied technical expertise to create and deliver a Geoscience and Application Support service, combined with effective processes and the appropriate tools to create step changes in the way information was managed and accessed throughout the business



Rapid expansion through acquisition and organic growth led our client to re-examine its information management needs with respect to the changing demands of it’s business. It recognised the need to both leverage maximum value from current growth and to enable greater value through further business expansion.

  • Create value by capitalising on opportunities – Decisions to be made quickly and based on complete and correct information
  • Maximise operational effectiveness – Simplify and rationalise tools, processes and accountabilities such that data and information is trusted and is available



Venture ran projects that created step-changes in the way that information was managed and accessed throughout the business, whilst services were put in place to maintain the environment and to deliver incremental improvement.

An example of one such service was the creation and delivery of a defined service offering for Geoscience and Application Support. This service is characterised by:

  • Technical expertise - a core service team of highly skilled and experienced application support and data-loading professionals
  • Effective process - the implementation of standards, procedures and processes to ensure effective delivery and formal quality assurance
  • Transparent management - formalised service levels, metrics and communication routes to ensure delivery to business needs
  • Appropriate tools – to support process and to enable e.g. capacity management and to demonstrate cost/usage effectiveness.



  • Trusted data on which business decisions can be based
  • The removal of ‘islands’ of data and the implementation of appropriate tools and process to ensure that information can be found, is complete and can be effectively accessed
  • Managed service ensuring gains are kept and built upon, and that the changing demands of the business are understood and met.

Client Spotlight


Venture has an extensive history of successful delivery of information management solutions to Nexen.