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Geotechnical IM Service Delivery Improvement

Rapid expansion through acquisition and organic growth required our client to re-examine its geotechnical information management practice across well data, seismic data and technical reports. Venture helped deliver improved geotechnical information management through the development of policies, standards, procedures and clearly defined roles and responsibilities.



The data and information is held on a number of systems including the OpenWorks, Geolog, SeisWorks applications, NT file servers, document management systems and physical records libraries.

Four major business objectives were identified:

  • Security - Ensure that information is protected from loss or damage and that it is recoverable in the event of disaster
  • Integrity -Ensure the quality of information stored is of an agreed standard and provenance and that it is stored in singularity
  • Accessibility -Support the business by ensuring that information can be located and accessed during day-to-day activities. Promote sharing by ensuring all information is stored so that it is available to all who need access
  • Traceability -Support the organisation’s legal requirements by ensuring all controlled information are subject to the correct level of version control and auditing.



The business objective were achieved through the delivery of:

  • An Information Management Framework consisting of:
    • Policies to define the overall direction of the information management department and the interface with the business community
    • Separation of information and data into corporate and non-corporate categories
    • Roles and Responsibilities implemented to maintain the corporate information store and populate the project information stores
    • Standards & Procedures for all corporate major data types
  • Corporate Digital Data Store containing agreed business critical data types, checked for accuracy, verified with an original data source, checked for completeness, cleaned-up, and made consistent across the subsurface and exploration teams
  • Corporate Information - EDMS implementation (folder structure & search tools), populated with a business-approved set of documents
  • Trained users, able to use and access the corporate data store.



Roll out of the solution continues through the different business units, but where complete the following benefits are being realised:

  • Improved security – Data is captured, trusted and secure
  • Enhanced integrity – Information is corporately trusted. Reduction in wasted time spent in reworking and regenerating data
  • Increased accessibility – Better informed decisions based on corporately trusted information. Increased information and knowledge sharing
  • Traceability – Support of the organisation’s legal requirements by ensuring all controlled information is subject to the correct level of version control and auditing.

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Venture has an extensive history of successful delivery of information management solutions to Nexen.