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HSE Information Needs

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Our client has developed a global database to capture HSE incidents and issues within the company, allowing the corporation to focus on its HSE performance. The database can be fully customised by each of our clients constituent business units, enabling each unit to capture information that is key to its own HSE performance.


Through close consultation with our clients HSE team, Venture has identified and facilitated agreement on the types of HSE information that one of our clients business units needs to be captured. Venture has also implemented these needs into the business unit's version of the global database, allowing:

  • The team to capture all HSE information relevant to their operations
  • The Business Units data to be ‘pulled' and incorporated into the corporate view of its HSE performance.

In addition, the Business Unit team requested that certain ‘Input Tracking' information not held by the global system should be captured by an appropriate system. Our client currently has a number of such systems each capturing a proportion of the required data types; lessons learned, actions, audits, advanced safety audits, hours worked and safety observations. However, the Business Unit required a single system that could track all inputs. In collaboration with our clients system designers and business users, Venture developed an input tracking system that:

  • Expands on two databases currently in use to ensure tracking of all inputs, thereby minimising system development time and cost
  • Meets the needs of the user and managers in terms of speed, ease of use and reporting capabilities
  • Allows the users to enter and view data whilst at remote locations without sacrificing speed of the system
  • Allows detailed reporting in graphical and numerical format for analysis of data.



  • A HSE capture and reporting system, that fully meets our clients corporate needs
  • A HSE system that meets the needs of the Business Unit; ease of use, comprehensive reporting, access from remote locations etc.
  • A HSE system that enables ‘Input Tracking' data to be captured and reported.

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