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IM Current State Assessment, ECM Selection and Roadmap


 Our client had acquired assets in a mature province and requested assistance to plan and manage the acquisition and integration of the associated information, focusing on unstructured documents.

A strong driver was to ensure that the acquired information suffered no loss and maintained its usefulness and value on transfer.  Our client was concerned that its existing repositories might not be able to store the transferred information satisfactorily.

Venture was requested to undertake a review of the business requirements, understand our clients current information management environment, gather requirements for EDM and physical records and produce analysis and recommendations.


 Step 1:  Information Gathering – Client Personnel

Key stakeholders and other nominated client personnel from surface, sub-surface and support disciplines were identified and interviewed.  The objectives were:


  • To understand our clients overall  objectives for the business environment and the key success criteria
  • To gather requirements and information on the current state from stakeholders and users
  • To understand the current document and information management environment

Step 2: Information Gathering – Solutions Overview

A number of the primary vendors of EDM systems were invited to outline their solutions for document management systems. This included aspects such as the user interface, records and document control systems, experience in O&G and engineering environments.

Step 3:  Analysis of the Findings and Recommendations



  • Options identified - Using the information gathered, and based on our experience of selecting and implementing EDM, Knowledge Management and general information management systems, options were identified and recommendations made.


  • It became apparent that there was a pressing need for document control and concurrent engineering.  Part of the study reviewed several of the leading document control providers and assessed they capability to deliver a solution within the three month implementation timescale.


  • Prioritised schedule developed - A high-level roadmap was created for building an environment to support our clients information management goals.


  • The chosen platform met their immediate needs and provided the “cornerstone” for their medium and long-term IM goals. 

Client Spotlight


Venture has an extensive history of successful delivery of information management solutions to Nexen.