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IM Strategy & Implementation Road Map

Our client required the determination of an information management strategy for the business units and map out a plan of how to drive towards the implementation of the strategy



Venture were requested to develop an Information management strategy for the business units to follow that would:

  • Produce a clear vision of what Information Management can contribute to the effective development of two new major gas fields and for the overall operation and management of the business units
  • Determine which technologies to use in what circumstances
  • Engage the user community in the process
  • Create a viable road map to take the strategy forward
  • Scope out projects that build towards the vision
  • Take into account the geography and telecommunications constraints faced by the business units that dictated solutions are simple, proven and robust



An aspiration vision has been created that gives a focus to all IM development. Projects now build towards that vision but each project is of benefit to users in its own right. Incremental benefit also comes from how each project connects to other projects and together they build towards the vision.

Key IT applications for the new field developments are being considered together to provide holistic solutions to business issues. As an example the full life cycle of all engineering information – documents, drawings and technical data is being considered simultaneously. This means that it will be possible for the flow of information from engineering contractors to the project and into operations to be seamless. This will have a significant impact on commissioning and operations start-up.

The issues for deploying technology across the business units caused by geography and limited, expensive communications bandwidth between the UK and Algeria have been fully considered in the solutions provided for users.

A web strategy has been developed for the business units that will deliver solutions based on real need and not ‘e’ hype.

An IM team more fully informed about IM options and therefore better equipped to deliver practical business driven solutions for users.

Cross business unit co-operation has been fostered to improve commonality of systems and approach to reduce cost and improve support for all participants.



Potential significant commissioning and operations start-up savings can be achieved by providing all the information that commissioning and operations engineers’ need organised so that it easy to find information and use it.

Delivery of IM systems focussed on business need but also implemented by business process. Systems not implemented in isolation without reference one to the other. This leads to potential higher operating effectiveness and lower ongoing support costs.

Systems that are fit for purpose and can be supported cost effectively in the challenging environment that will be faced throughout the assets during operations.

Creating an environment using emerging web technologies and search tools connected to operational systems that enables effective team working and information sharing.

Client Spotlight


Venture has an extensive history of successful delivery of information management solutions to Nexen.