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Our client, operating in the Middle East, uses BabelFish as a key technology in managing production operations. This, and other closely related systems including OFM and IP.21, are used for data reconciliation, manipulation and visualisation across multiple data sources for production operations decision making. The scope and usage of the BabelFish system in particular has grown since its initial implementation and it is now a crucial tool in production operations management.

Support of this critical technology is currently provided by two departments within our client’s organisation. This service model is unique to our client and has led management to question whether it provides the most effective service to the business as a whole.  

To address this issue, identify any opportunities and understand and identify how any risks might be mitigated, Venture was engaged to conduct a review and to recommend how the organisation can optimise the operating model of BabelFish and related systems.


Venture consultants undertook a review, gathering information at our client’s offices in the Middle East using our established approach to requirements specification, and strategy and roadmap development in technical applications and information management. This proven six-step methodology is based on our extensive experience working with oil and gas companies helping diagnose and overcome their challenges and developing practical roadmaps for implementation.

The methodology is designed to be flexible and allows for iteration and performance of activities in an order that is appropriate to the specific circumstances and requirements of each client, rather than in a strictly linear fashion.


Some 45 users and stakeholders from business and functions supporting the in-scope systems were interviewed. User communities were identified, patterns of usage established and support requirements outlined across the various user groups. 

Through this analysis we were able to determine that the way support was split between two teams, combined with a lack of agreement on some support responsibilities, was affecting use of the tool in the extended user community and potentially impacting wider production operations decision making.


Based on the requirements expressed by users and stakeholders, and Venture’s experience and knowledge of working with and supporting similar technology suites, Venture identified both the strengths in, and a number of opportunities for enhancement to, the current service.

We recommended a support model based on established practice for tools of this type, designed to provide effective support for the system now and in future. This model described a central team with IT, back office and tier two support skills supporting the whole user community, together with a set of clearly defined support responsibilities for roles within the business.

Following wider organisation restructure, support of the system has been re-established following the key principles recommended in our model.


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