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Kingdom to Landmark Data Migration

Migration of Well & Seismic data from the outgoing Windows based Kingdom Suite, to a Linux based Landmark solution of Openworks & Seisworks



The client required the transfer of over 30TB of seismic data and a vast multitude of Well data including such data-types as Well Header, Log Curve, Directional Survey, Position Logs, Time-Depth & Well Picks from the Kingdom projects to their respective Landmark solution.

The scope and priority of the Kingdom projects to be migrated were identified to ensure alignment with both the operational and day-to-day business needs of the client, whilst at the same time minimising lag time between the transcriptions of the data from Kingdom to the arrival of data in their new working environment.

Workflows were defined to ensure an efficient, consistent flow of data between the two applications. Venture facilitated the approach from a manual export & import of data to a bulk transfer method using Openspirit.

WOW and Power-Explorer were used as QC tools for the well data together with arbitrary lines, timeslices and bit comparisons between the two products for the seismic data transferred. Multiples of the data were interrogated and ratified with approved data sources and seismic grids merged where feasible. This rigorous routine by Venture staff with 30+ years QA/QC experience ensured the integrity and completeness of the migration.



The client now has the majority of its G&G staff using and interpreting in Landmark. Metadata tags ensure complete backward traceability and QA criterion of data.

The successfully transcribed data currently equates to: +1,800 3D volumes; +2,700 2D volumes; +14,000 Well Headers; +180,000 Log Curves; +8,000 Time Depth Surveys; +2400 Directional Surveys; +50,000 Well Picks.

Other client repositories have now been identified for migration to Landmark.

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